Plantation Security Shutter

Introducing the Plantation Security Shutter, an ideal solution for residences and offices prioritising peripheral security. Once installed, these shutters combine beauty with user-friendly design, featuring an internal louvre connection for personalised control over light and privacy.

Details & Specification

The Plantation Security Shutter presents an ideal solution for homes and offices situated in developments with peripheral security. Once installed, these shutters look beautiful and are user-friendly. The internal connection of louvres allows easy manual tilting for personalised control over light, fresh air, and privacy. Notably, there are no external metal components to disrupt the view or detract from the sleek appearance of the shutters.


All security barriers from our ISO audited factory undergo a meticulous manufacturing process that includes pre-treatment for improved corrosion and UV resistance before the application of powder coating. This dual treatment ensures a durable finish, extending the lifespan of the barrier, making them well-suited for both coastal and inland conditions.


Features & Benefits


  • Custom-made aluminium louvre shutters for doors and windows.
  • Clutter-free internal strengthening features.
  • Larger sizes available due to lighter construction.
  • No visible fixings ensure a neat outer appearance.
  • Colour coded hinges and uniform frames across configurations.
  • Patented Trellidor locking system with unique key and serial number.
  • Lock is accessible from both sides for ease of use.
  • An all-in-one product that replaces blinds, curtaining and burglar bars.
  • Pre-treated against corrosion and powder coated.
  • Choose the split of connected louvres to suit your light and privacy preferences.
  • Unique S-shaped louvre design for good airflow when open.


Colour Options


  • Estate White
  • Matt Bronze
  • Matt Sand
  • Matt Light Brown
  • Matt Aluminium
  • Matt Charcoal
  • Matt Black

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