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Winter Proofing your Garage

As summer ends and autumn and winter approach, it is time for homeowners to carry out tasks to prepare their homes and garden for the colder weather and inevitable storms. As well as cleaning out gutters and packing away summer garden items, we recommend that homeowners take some time to winter-proof their garages each year. 



  • Have a Clear Out 


We recommend having a quick clear-out of your garage to prepare it for autumn and winter. Bag up any rubbish and remove anything you no longer need; this will give you more space to work. If you’re storing anything such as grass seed, ensure this is in a secure box as it may otherwise attract mice who will use it as a food source. 


Once you’ve removed anything you don’t need, it’s a good idea to sweep the garage out, removing any dirt, cobwebs, leaves, and other bits that may have accumulated there. 



  • Inspect the Garage 


Once you have cleaned out your garage it’s easier to see if any areas need further attention. For example, are there any signs of water damage indicating that your roof leaks or your window seals have broken down? If so, now is the time to carry out repairs. Similarly, if you notice any holes or areas where insulation has become damaged, repairing them before the cold of winter sets in is a good idea. 



  • Inspect the Garage Door and Its Parts 


Once you’ve inspected the state of the garage itself, it’s time to look at the door and its parts. Check the door for rust and look for holes or gaps in the area between the door and the garage frame. You should repair cracks or holes before winter to keep your garage and its contents as safe from the elements as possible.


Next, we always recommend a thorough check of the moving parts of a garage door to ensure it opens and closes properly. A professional team like ours can do this as we have experienced engineers who offer complete inspections and can undertake any cleaning or repairs needed to keep your garage door in working order. Additionally, our engineers carry a full range of spare parts, so if any repairs are required, we’ll usually be able to fix them there and then with minimal hassle. 


You can contact our team to visit your home and inspect your garage by calling 01792 894 440 or emailing, and one of our team will get back to you soon as possible. 


Spending the time and effort to winter-proof your garage means you’re taking preventative measures against any potential damage or problems this winter. By taking the steps above, you can be sure everything is working as it should and that the items stored inside your garage are as protected as possible from the winter elements.