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What to do if you Have a Noisy Garage Door

If your garage door is noisy when opening or closing, it is not only annoying but is probably a sign of an issue with your door and some of its essential parts. To ensure your garage door keeps working safely and correctly, we recommend using a professional company to investigate the noise and carry out a repair to get it opening and closing noise-free. 


There are several reasons why your garage door may have become noisy; let’s look at them. 


  • Your Rollers May Need Lubricated 


Rollers are what keep your garage door on its tracks and help it as it moves up and down when opening and closing. If your door has become squeaky, it may be because your rollers need to be lubricated. You may need to replace your rollers if lubrication doesn’t fix the issue and they still squeak or grind when used. 


Rollers have a certain lifespan and will need replacing once they have reached the end of this. If you have an older garage door, you may benefit from switching from metal rollers to nylon rollers, which are the more modern choice and are much quieter. 



  • Your Springs May Be Worn 


Garage doors have springs that take much of the door’s weight, allowing the garage door to open hassle-free. Garage door springs become worn over time and may need to be lubricated to reduce noise, or they may also need to be replaced if they are very worn and near breaking point. You should have worn garage door springs replaced as soon as possible. If a garage door spring snaps, your garage door can fall and can cause significant injury or damage. 


There are different types of garage door springs, and a professional can discuss the replacement options with you to ensure your repair meets your needs.



  • Your Hinges Need Lubricated


Hinges are integral moving parts of a garage door, and as such, they need to be lubricated to ensure there’s not too much friction. Sometimes, hinges can become worn and rusted; in this case, we recommend replacing them to keep the door working correctly. 



  • Your Door Opener Isn’t Functioning Properly. 


All electric garage doors have a door opener which is the most significant moving piece and is essential for the door to open and close properly. The drive operator uses the springs to lift and lower the garage door. If the chain or support rails are loose, this can make a rattling noise that indicates there is an issue. 



To arrange for a visit from one of our team to assess the noise your garage door is making and provide a price to repair the issue, call 01792 894 440. A repair made early can often save you money in the long run.