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Selling Your House? A New Garage Door Could Help

If you're considering selling your home and wondering what simple upgrades you can make to get the very best sale price, installing a new garage door can help. 


Increase Your Kerb Appeal 


When house hunters look at homes online, in estate agents' windows, or in person, first impressions matter and someone looking for a new house is far more likely to have their attention grabbed by a property that looks presentable, stylish, and well looked after. Being prepared to spend some money, expend some time, and put in some effort making your home look as good as it possibly can from the outside can make a massive difference. 


Simple changes like installing a new garage door that looks fresh and modern, tidying up the garden, cleaning windows, adding a few tasteful, eye-catching plants, painting your front door, and power washing your driveway can make a massive difference. Things like this can make the difference between having a small number of viewers and many interested parties. 


Viewers Value Security 


When people view a property that they want to live in, they'll feel far better and be more inclined to spend more on a home that feels safe and secure. A brand-new garage door that conforms to modern security standards will be much more appealing than an old one that doesn't open and shut correctly, is fitted with an older locking mechanism, or looks like it would be easy for a burglar or intruder to breach. 


People will feel like a property is a better investment if it has a secure place to store their car if they wish to house it within the garage or a safe area for their gardening equipment, tools, sports equipment, and other everyday items often stored in garages. 


Top Tip - Clean Your Garage Out 


When people get ready to sell their houses, they usually work hard on decluttering the inside of their homes and clearing out wardrobes, getting rid of old, worn furniture and any clutter they might have. Our top tip for getting your home ready to sell is to clean out your garage too. 


By cleaning and decluttering your garage as much as possible, you'll show potential viewers how much space there is for their car or the other items they want to store there. Viewers will more easily imagine their belongings there than if faced with a mountain of junk and other paraphernalia and can't properly view the dimensions of the space. 


If you're ready to upgrade your old garage door and make your property look its very best, John Glen Garage Doors are here to help. We can help you pick the perfect garage door – whether it's an up and over door, sectional door, roller door, side-hinged door, or even automated garage door. Give our team a call now on 01792 894 440 or pop into our showroom at Glen House on Phoenix Way in Garnoch Industrial Estate, Gorseinon, Swansea.