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Roller or Sectional Garage Door?

If you’re considering a new garage door for your home or business, you may wonder what is the best choice: a roller door or a sectional door? Let’s look at both door types and the advantages of each to help you make an informed choice. 



  • Roller Garage Doors


Roller garage doors are perfect for garages with limited space. They don’t require internal tracking, allowing you to use the entire garage ceiling space for storage. Their design is incredibly neat and compact, so they can fit most garage door openings and are an excellent option for many people. 


Roller garage doors are very secure, and when used correctly and locked, they are unlikely to be breached by a casual burglar. 


Roller garage doors tend to be plainer and more uniform in their design. Roller doors are made up of small horizontal sections, so there is little room for choice beyond the material and the colour. At John Glen Garage Doors, we have a massive selection of colours to ensure you find something that perfectly ties in with your property.


We have a range of roller garage doors from quality manufacturers such as Hormann, SWS Securoglide and Gliderol, so there will be something to suit your garage and needs.  



  • Sectional Garage Doors


Sectional garage doors offer much better insulation than roller doors, making them a better choice for garages that connect directly with rooms in your home or garages used to store valuable items that should be protected from the cold. 


Sectional garage doors are the more versatile of the two types of doors. They are available in many designs, finishes and choices. They are sold as vertical or side opening and can be manual or automated. They’re available in many colours and styles to match your property perfectly. They are available in solid timber, LPU, or LTE, and there’s a massive choice of hardware. 


Sectional garage doors are mounted on the garage ceiling using tracks. The tracks limit the use of the ceiling for storage. If this is an issue, or you have sloped roofs and cannot use the ceiling for a tracking system, we have a range of side sliding sectional garage doors useful in difficult-fitting situations. 



If you’re still unsure whether a roller garage door or sectional garage door would be best for your home or place of business, the John Glen Garage Doors team is here to help. We have a large showroom where you can see examples of the doors in person, or you can call us on 01792 8494 440 or email, and a team member will get back to you.