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Is Your Garage Door Stuck?


Have you tried to open your garage door only to find the door is stuck and you can’t get in? 


Numerous interconnected parts need to work correctly for a garage door to open and close smoothly, so there can be several reasons why a garage door might not open.


The first thing to check is if you’re sure you’ve opened the lock correctly – it sounds simple, but often this is the problem. Take a few moments to check the locks before looking for other causes. 


Broken springs can also prevent garage doors from opening, and these can break when they’re in motion or stationary. Springs need to be replaced after a while, depending on how often you use your garage door.


Problems with the tracks can also prevent garage doors from opening. Rollers run along the tracks to guide the garage door open and lift it up and down or from side to side, depending on what type of door you have. If something is blocking the track (leaves, stones, an item from your garage that has fallen over), it will no longer open. Alternatively, if the rollers become dislodged and jump off the track, this will also cause the door to become stuck. 


If you have an electric garage door, the cause can sometimes be as simple as a dead battery in your remote control. 


Of course, you can reduce the chances of your garage door becoming stuck by regularly maintaining the door and its interconnected parts. Checking the door and parts for signs of wear and tear, ensuring parts are lubricated when necessary, and having any issues or potential problems looked at by a professional company are all crucial. 


Contact our experienced and knowledgeable team today if your garage door is stuck. We provide repairs, maintenance, servicing, and parts, plus an emergency call out service throughout the whole of South Wales. 


Our team carry an extensive range of garage door spares for virtually every type and style of door, allowing us to fix any problem quickly and efficiently with minimal upheaval to your home or place of business. In addition, all our repairs carry a full 12-month warranty on labour and parts. 


To get in touch with us during regular working hours, please give us a call on 01792 894 440, or if you need access to your garage out of hours in an emergency, contact us on 07387 446 942