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How to Keep Mice Out of Your Garage

Mice often see garages as a haven from the outside world, and as such, they like to take up residence there. Nobody wants a garage full of mice, so it’s essential to employ some preventative measures to keep mice from entering your garage in the first place. 


Although they might not seem it from their small size, mice can be incredibly destructive, chewing through walls, cables, and boxes and leaving behind droppings that can potentially spread diseases. 


So, what can you do to keep mice out of your garage?



Remove Any Food Sources 


Mice like to enter garages as they provide safe, dark spaces where they can often find food. Things like pet food, grass seed, birdseed, and plant bulbs are seen by mice as food sources, so it’s best to store these somewhere else. Or, if you have nowhere else to keep them, ensure they’re well packaged and inside a tough box that mice would find difficult to penetrate. 



Have a Well-Fitting Garage Door 


Having a garage door that fits properly, without any holes or gaps is essential as it makes it more difficult for mice to get in. A mouse only needs a hole the size of the eraser on a pencil, so if you have an older garage door that’s not providing a proper seal, it might be time for a new door. John Glen Garage Doors are here to help. We have a wide range of garage door types, including up and over doors, sectional doors, side hinged doors and many more. They’re all also available in a range of different finishes, so there’s bound to be something to complement the existing style of your home. 



Seal Any Cracks or Gaps 


If you have any cracks or gaps on the exterior of your garage, be sure to seal these up swiftly to prevent mice from using them as entrances to your garage where they can set up a nest. Even the smallest of gaps can provide a way in for mice, so be thorough and seal up anything that’s exposed. 



Don’t Store Firewood in Your Garage 


Did you know that firewood provides both a source of shelter and food for mice? The gaps between wood blocks are safe, well-protected areas for them to make nests, and they feast on any insects and bugs that naturally inhabit firewood. For this reason, we recommend storing firewood away from your house or garage if possible. 



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