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Getting a Modern Garage Door

Your garage door forms a big part of the look of your property, whether you have an integrated or detached garage. If your garage door looks old, tired, damaged or is not in keeping with the style of your home or place of business, it makes the entire property look the same. If you have a modern-looking property, a stylish garage door is necessary to keep your look consistent, cohesive, polished, and well-finished. 


These are some of the benefits of choosing a modern garage door.





Modern garage doors are aesthetically pleasing, and there’s a style of garage door to suit every property. If you want something that blends into the background, you can achieve this by choosing a colour that’s the same as the exterior of your home or place of business, or if you want something bold that makes a statement, you could opt for a contrasting colour.


The range of aesthetic options for modern garage doors is almost endless. You can choose various colours, finishes, styles, materials, and hardware options. 



Increased Safety 


Older garage doors don’t have the same safety features as modern ones, so upgrading your garage door can be a huge security benefit. Modern garage doors have more difficult locks to break or penetrate, so it will be harder for anyone to break into your garage. 


If you opt for an automatic garage door, they will stop if they detect something in the way. If your car, bike, child’s toy, or something else obstructs the door, the door won’t close, avoiding the possibility of the item being crushed or damaged. This feature also means if an adult, child, or pet gets in the way of the door closing, the door will stop its descent, eliminating the possibility of an accident or severe injury. 



Better Thermal Protection 


Modern garage doors also offer far better thermal protection than older ones. Thermal protection can help regulate the temperature inside the garage better by not letting heat escape.


Insulation is essential if you have a garage integrated into your home. A garage door with better thermal properties will also keep the items you store in your garage safer from potential dampness or extremes of temperature, as the temperature will stay more consistent year-round. 



If you’re ready to upgrade your old garage door, John Glen Garage Doors are here to help. We have over 40 years of experience and can supply and install the highest quality garage doors from manufacturers such as Hormann, Garador, Glierdol, Henderson and Wessex Doors. You can visit our brand new Dafen showroom to see a huge selection of doors on display. Alternatively, call our team on 01792 894 440 or email We are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 12 noon.