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Ensure Your Garage Door is Ready for Winter


Now is the perfect time of year to be thinking about your garage door and its state of repair., You can ensure your garage is protected and safe throughout the coldest and wettest months of the year and ensure items housed within it are kept secure by looking at a few potential problem spots and taking action to repair anything that requires it 



  • Look for Holes or Gaps 


Take a good look at the area around your door for any gaps or holes. These gaps could let cold air, moisture, or even rodents into your garage, any of which could cause damage to the items you store inside – whether it’s your car, sports equipment, gardening tools or even if it’s where you’ve been hiding Christmas presents out of sight of your kids! 


If you discover any gaps or holes in the area around your door, these should be filled in immediately by yourself or a professional. 



  • Look After Moving Parts 


It is crucial to keep the moving parts of a garage door clean, lubricated and maintained, whether you have an automatic or manual garage door. During winter, there can be issues with damp, moisture and cold affecting these parts, so it’s a good idea to have these checked by a professional company such as ours. Our engineers are highly experienced and can check over all moving parts, carry out any cleaning required or undertake any repairs needed to keep everything moving as it should. 



  • Check Opening and Closing 


You should check if your garage door opens and closes smoothly and easily. If not, our engineers can carry out any repairs or maintenance required to get your garage door working correctly again. We carry an extensive range of garage door spares for almost all types and styles of doors so that we can quickly and efficiently fix any problem you might be having with as little upheaval to your home or business as possible. Our repairs carry a full 12-month conditional warranty on labour and parts for your peace of mind. On the rare occasion that we need to order a part for your repair, there is no extra charge for a subsequent visit as we believe in fair and honest pricing and service for our clients. 



  • Emergency Call-outs

If your door suddenly stops working and you need access quickly, our emergency call-out service is here to help. We can respond very quickly to calls during business hours as we have several teams and vehicles available. To arrange for an engineer to attend your home or place of business, call 01792 894 440


We also operate an out of hours call out service for those who require it. For out of hours (emergencies only), you can contact us on 07387 446 942



Don’t get caught out this winter with a faulty garage door; let John Glen Garage Doors help to ensure your door is working correctly. Preventative maintenance on your garage door will also extend the life of your garage door.