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Does your Garage Door Need New Springs? Here's What you Need to Know

Garage doors are large, heavy items that require all their parts to work correctly to open and close quickly and without too much effort. As garage doors are used and exposed to weather conditions and extremes of temperature, their parts begin to age and can malfunction over time and need to be repaired or replaced. 


Garage door springs are an integral part, taking the pressure of the door when it is opening and closing. They are fitted to both manual and electric garage doors and are designed to counteract the door's weight so that the person opening and closing the door doesn't have to bear its weight as the springs do the heavy lifting. 


Garage door springs are usually one of two types – torsion springs or extension springs. Torsion springs ensure that the garage door is constantly balanced, so there's a fluid motion when opening and closing. Extension springs are generally used in older garage doors, and the opening and closing motion isn't as fluid as when torsion springs are used. 


If you have an older garage door fitted with extension springs and you find your door difficult to open and close, you may want to upgrade to torsion springs. A professional team such as ours can do this quickly and with minimal fuss. Another benefit of torsion springs is that they are longer lasting and aren't at risk of breaking in the same way as extension springs. 


If a garage door spring breaks, this can be extremely dangerous. If the spring fails whilst the door is in an open position, the door will fall and can cause severe property damage or could hurt family members or pets who happen to be near the door when it falls. Garage doors are extremely heavy, so the weight of one falling could potentially be fatal. 


Whilst there are multiple springs in a garage door, if one breaks, it puts additional weight on the other springs and can mean they are overstrained and can then break too. With this in mind, if you hear one of your springs snapping (this is generally a loud noise), you should contact a professional company like ours as soon as possible to have a new spring fitted. A professional can safely assess the damage and perform the necessary repairs to ensure your door is safe and in proper working condition. 


If you need your garage door springs checked or replaced, the John Glen Garage Doors team is here to help. Our experienced team carry an extensive range of spring spares to fit every type and style of door and ensure your garage door opens and closes safely once more. In addition, all repairs we complete have a 12-month conditional warranty on labour and parts for your peace of mind. 


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