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Avoid DIY Garage Door Repairs

Many homeowners see DIY as a way to cut costs. However, there are several reasons why DIY garage door repairs are not a good idea.


If your garage door no longer opens or closes properly or has another issue, there can be several reasons for this. Fully trained professionals know all aspects of garage doors, including their mechanisms and moving parts, and can carry out repairs much easier and safer.


Here are the main reasons why we don't recommend DIY garage door repairs and instead suggest you hire a professional and trusted company.



  • Garage Door DIY Can Be Dangerous 


We recommend that homeowners not undertake garage door repairs themselves because it can be hazardous. Garage doors are cumbersome, and if you undertake repairs on a garage door without the proper knowledge, tools, or experience, you could become seriously injured if something goes wrong. The door could close unexpectedly or even fall off, causing severe injury. 


Professional garage door repair teams have the proper knowledge and experience to carry out our repairs safely and in a way that won't cause accidents or potential injuries. 



  • Garage Door Repairs Require Specialist Tools 


To carry out garage door repairs properly, you must have the right tools, and most DIY enthusiasts won't have these in their toolboxes. Without the right tools and equipment, you could make whatever issue you're experiencing with your garage door worse and make it a more extensive job for a professional company to come and fix. 



  • Garage Door Repairs May Need New Parts 


If your garage door requires a replacement part, it is vital to use the right one to return everything to proper working order. If you attempt to use a component that isn't quite right, you could worsen the issue, or you may have only carried out a temporary repair that will soon fail. Your DIY repair with incompatible parts could also result in the door falling and causing injury or damage.


Professional garage door repair companies have the right parts for virtually every type and style of door, so they can quickly and efficiently fix any problem with as little upheaval to your home as possible. 



  • You May Invalidate Your Warranty 


All new garage doors come with a manufacturer's warranty for a set period, and during this time, the contract will cover any required repairs. If you attempt to carry out DIY garage door repairs yourself, you'll likely invalidate this warranty and won't' have cover for future faults. 



If you need a professional company to service, maintain or repair your garage door, John Glen Garage Doors is here to help. Contact our team by calling 01792 894 440 or emailing, and someone will be in touch. All repairs carry a 12-month conditional warranty on labour and parts for your complete peace of mind.