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Annual Preventative Maintenance

Like other things in your home and garden, your garage door can benefit from annual maintenance to keep it in perfect working condition for longer and save you money in the long run. Now is the ideal time to perform preventative maintenance on your garage door before the cold of winter sets in.



  • Check How it Opens and Closes 


Your garage door should open and close smoothly. Open and close your garage door and take time to notice how it operates. Does it squeak? Does it seem unbalanced or uneven? Is it shaky? If it does any of these things, we recommend calling a professional team like ours to check the door and get it operating smoothly again. 



  • Inspect The Rollers 


Inspecting the rollers on your garage door is essential to ensure they’re in good working order. The rollers are the most used part of a garage door system, enabling the door to move up and down smoothly and with minimal effort. 


If you see any signs of wear and tear, chips or cracks, your rollers should be replaced by a professional team as soon as possible.



  • Check Tracks 


Check the tracks on either side of the garage door and see whether any dirt, leaves or other debris has built up. If so, give them a clean to keep the door opening and closing as it should. 



  • Lubricate Moving Parts 


Keeping the moving elements of your garage door lubricated reduces friction and prolongs the life of the parts, as they don’t suffer as much wear and tear when in use. Take time to lubricate all the moving parts, so your garage door continues to open and close seamlessly throughout the winter. 



  • Visually Inspect the Cables 


Carrying out a visual inspection of garage door cables is vital as the cables ensure the safe operation of the springs that hold the tension when your garage door opens and closes. Like any part, these can wear over time; if they break or snap, this can be extremely dangerous. A broken cable can cause the garage door to fall when you try to open or close it, which can cause serious injury. 


If you notice that your cables are showing signs of wear and tear, you must speak to a professional who can come and inspect them and replace them with new cables if required. 



If you want to save yourself hassle and have your garage door maintenance carried out by a professional team, John Glen Garage Doors provides maintenance plans, one-off servicing, and urgent repairs in Swansea and throughout South Wales. We work on all makes of garage doors (domestic and commercial) and roller shutters. Give our team a call to arrange a visit to your home or place of business on 01792 894 440 or email, and a team member will get back to you.