Base Lite

Presenting the Base Lite, a key member of the Base Family, designed to emulate the features of the Base Plus but in a more compact form.


This fully enclosed system is an excellent enhancement to any property, providing a shaded retreat to your garden patio or shielding your storefront from light rain or glaring sunshine.


Thanks to its sleek and compact design, the Base Lite can comfortably span widths up to 4m, offering three different arm length projections. With the option for top or face fixing via brackets at each end, installation is a breeze. Plus, you can easily adjust the pitch using our simple screw-in system, ensuring the Base Lite meets your needs perfectly.

Details & Specification

With a width capacity of up to 4m and three different projections in arm length, the Base Lite Awning provides ample coverage for your outdoor space. Whether you need a smaller awning for a cozy patio or a larger one to shade a spacious garden area, this product has you covered.


Installation is quick and easy, thanks to the top or face fixed option with brackets at either end. You can achieve the perfect pitch with a simple adjustment using the screw-in system, ensuring optimal functionality and comfort.


Dimensions and Color Options:

The Base Lite Awning is available in the elegant and timeless color of 9010 White, which seamlessly blends with any architectural style. This standard finish adds a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space, creating a welcoming atmosphere for relaxation and entertainment.

Minimum: 1910mm

Maximum: 4000mm


Care and Maintenance:

To ensure the longevity of your awning, regular cleaning and maintenance are recommended. Please refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for specific care instructions and maintenance requirements.


Price and Availability:

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